Who we are

The Fertility and IVF Support Centre was established in 2006, Western Australia to work in conjunction with Perth's fertility centres to increase the effectiveness of fertility treatments. Since then we extended our treatment programs to include couples who wished to conceive naturally. By 2017 we have helped nearly one thousand WA couples in their journey to establish a family. We believe, our success is due to our four fundamentals:

  • Specialist centre. We researched ancient and modern texts, and put clinical trials under scrutiny to identify the most effective acupuncture diagnostics and treatment principles, and... read more
  • Acupuncture fertility specialists. We are fully qualified and accredited practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of not only the acupuncture but also the medical, pharmacological aspects of fertility and IVF... read more
  • Over 20 years of clinical experience. We will maximize your chances, and empower you with realistic expectations without the unnecessary strain of a hollow “trying to be positive”.... read more
  • Cost savings. By maximizing your chances of success, we will reduce the number of attempts you may need. Therefore, our treatment programs eventually result in an overall cost savings to you.... read more
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You are at the right place, if you wish to have a child, and you...

  • have tried to be pregnant for more than 6 months
  • have any kind of menstrual problems (too long to list)
  • have hormonal imbalances which may affect fertility
  • plan to undergo IVF or other fertility treatments
  • have already commenced IVF or other fertility treatments
  • are in a same sex relationship
  • have a male partner with sub-optimal sperm test results
  • are pregnant, and want to minimize the chance of a miscarriage
  • have tried everything, and nothing worked

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