Pregnancy support

First Trimester

Our support does not finish with your positive pregnancy test. Various problems may occur during the first 13 weeks of your pregnancy (the first trimester). These problems range in severity from mild morning sickness to threatened miscarriage. Although drugs are available to alleviate some of the symptoms, only a few, if any, are entirely safe during pregnancy, and none of them is able to prevent miscarriage. Fortunately, recent research and thousands of years clinical practice show that pregnancy specific acupuncture is one of the safest treatment methods during pregnancy.

It has been estimated that at least a quarter of all pregnancies end with miscarriage, and the chances for that to happen are somewhat higher for an IVF induced pregnancy. The causes may be either a chromosomal fault of the embryo, or problems with the woman’s reproductive physiology which does not adopt to support  pregnancy.

There is no way to correct a chromosomal fault, but fortunately thousands of years clinical practice of acupuncture crystallized various treatment protocols to support the reproductive physiology of the pregnant woman and reduce the chances of miscarriage.

Therefore, we follow through the first trimester with once a week preventative treatments, but we switch to twice weekly at any event of the slightest threat to your pregnancy.

Second and third trimesters

After the first trimester the symptom picture and the chance of a miscarriage is reduced greatly. This is where our specialized pregnancy massage takes over with the purpose to make your pregnancy a pleasant memorable experience with an easy birth at the end.

How pregnancy massage helps:

  • it relieves muscle spasms and cramps;
  • it increases lymph and blood circulation, helping the disposal of toxins and providing a free flow of nutrients to all body tissues;
  •  it improves your  posture providing support for your weight bearing joints;
  • it also lifts your energy, improves the condition of your skin, and stabilizes your emotional state;
  • ultimately, it prepares you for an easier birth and improves the recovery and healing time after the birth.

However, it is not only you who is receiving massage. It is also a gift and nourishment to your baby. Hormones released in your body in response to a nourishing gentle expert massage go through the placenta making the first home of the baby, your womb, not only a nourishing but also a very pleasant relaxing place.