Natural Conception and IUI Support

The support programs for natural conception and for IUI do not differ significantly. They consist of acupuncture sessions complemented by a specifically designed guided meditative process leading to a state of deep relaxation where the clinical effect of acupuncture will be amplified.

The point selections for the individual acupuncture treatments changes according to the different phases of your menstrual cycle, and they specifically address any underlying hormonal imbalances or pathology.

On the way, we help you understand the results of medical tests, and answer all your questions with regards to the mental, emotional, physiological and medical aspects of fertility, whenever they arise. We empower you with realistic expectations without the unnecessary strain of a hollow “trying to be positive”.

Underlying pathology

Before we start fertility specific treatments, we aim to clear all underlying medical conditions of your reproductive system which may hinder conception or implantation. When available, blood test results and reports from ultrasound examinations help us to identify the underlying problem, and determine the most effective acupuncture treatment protocols.

This phase may involve one or two treatments weekly, but the recommended number and frequency of the treatments fluctuate depending on what we want to achieve, and other individual circumstances.

Fertility specific treatments

Fertility specific treatments commence when we achieve a reasonably regular menstrual cycle with clear signs of ovulation, and at least 12 days long luteal phase (between ovulation and the onset of menses). During the follicular phase (between menses and ovulation), you receive twice weekly treatments, then in the luteal phase usually you will have only one or two treatments. As dormant egg cells need 3 or 4 months to mature, we expect the chances of conception increase with every cycle.

Conception and Implantation

Conception happens in about 24 hours from ovulation. Then it takes few days for the fertilized embryo to reach the uterus. Implantation is when the uterine lining embraces the embryo. It happens up to 5 days after the embryo reached the uterus. This is the point when, if the embryo is otherwise chromosomally aligned, the pregnancy is largely decided. Yet, physiologically we have no understanding why (or not) it happens, what triggers it, and how exactly it happens.

By sheer accident, in early clinical trials certain acupuncture treatment protocols were found to increase the chances of implantation. However, we will reveal to you other methods which you can employ to further enhance implantation.