IVF Support

Because the IVF procedure facilitates conception in vitro (in laboratory), the major difference between natural fertility and IVF support is a shift of focus from conception to implantation.

The backbone of our support program consists of acupuncture sessions complemented by a specifically designed guided meditative process leading to a state of deep relaxation where the clinical effect of acupuncture is amplified.

On the way, we help you understand the results of medical tests, we answer all your questions with regards to the mental, emotional, physiological and medical aspects of fertility, whenever they arise. We empower you with realistic expectations without the unnecessary strain of a hollow “trying to be positive”.


While you may have an average 13 chances a year for natural conception and pregnancy (the number of 28-day cycles), with IVF the focus is on the present cycle when you wish to maximize your chances of pregnancy. Unfortunately, IVF does not make up for a poorly functional reproductive system. Therefore, to maximize your chances in a particular cycle, it is even more important to bring your reproductive function to its maximum health and efficiency.

Fresh and frozen embryo

Dormant egg cells need 3 or 4 months to mature and become ready for ovulation. Therefore, for a fresh embryo cycle, ideally you may need 3 to 4 cycles preparation to support egg quality.

In preparation to a FET (frozen embryo transfer), our focus is on supporting optimal circulation to a relaxed uterus.


One or two sessions per week depending on medical history and personal circumstances. Occasionally (not frequently!), pregnancy occurs in this phase, before commencing IVF.

IVF procedure

By the time we reach the IVF cycle (fresh or frozen ET), you are mentally, emotionally and physiologically ready. The acupuncture treatments very closely follow the results of your blood tests and ultra sound examinations.

We have various treatment protocols to support specific things, such as endometrial thickness, oestrogen levels, or the balanced developments of follicles. In case of preparation to FET, the focus is primarily on uterine function and endometrial lining. We also make a last attempt to rectify any underlying pathology which may hinder implantation.


Twice weekly acupuncture sessions.

Embryo transfer and Implantation

Embryo transfer is when all our past efforts culminate. We employ very specific treatments right before and right after ET. We can do this due to our proximity to the IVF centres. At this occasion we also "borrow" from our knowledge of the various systems of ear acupuncture to further enhance the effectiveness of these two treatments.

Implantation is when the uterine lining embraces the embryo. It happens up to 5 days from embryo transfer. This is the point when, if the embryo is otherwise chromosomally aligned, the pregnancy is largely decided. Yet, physiologically we have no understanding why (or not) it happens, what triggers it, and how exactly it happens.

By sheer accident, in early clinical trials certain acupuncture treatment protocols were found to increase the chances of implantation. However, we will reveal to you other methods which you can employ to further enhance implantation.