Who we are

Our Story

The Fertility and IVF Support Centre was established in 2006 by Acupuncturist Andrash Bodonyi in the East Victoria Park Medical Centre (at that time also known as Reach for Health Centre) with the support of Dr Thalina Lindquist. Thalina created a loving, caring and inspiring environment for patients as well as for practitioners. Her dedication and encouragement has been a major driving force behind the success of our Centre, and her spirit is still with us, although she retired in 2011.

Our initial aim was to work in conjunction with Perth's fertility centres to increase the success rate of their fertility treatments. Looking at the clinical trials on acupuncture IVF support at that time, Andrash was critical of their acupuncture treatment protocols, and conducted his own research which finally concluded in our present treatment protocols. To be sure of their effectiveness and to dissolve skepticism in some of our colleagues, in June 2006 we started a 2 year pilot study on women aged between 28 and 46, who joined our Acupuncture IVF Support program. Most of these women had previously one or more unsuccessful IVF cycles.

At the end of the trial period, we compared our results to those generally expected in the different age groups at the IVF centres. After a thorough analysis we concluded that our specialized acupuncture treatment protocols more than doubled the expected pregnancy rates, especially in the age group of 34-40 years. Encouraged by the overwhelming success, we modified and extended our treatment programs to include couples who wished to conceive naturally.

In 2009 Randa Majrouh acupuncturist and Lidia Myburgh pregnancy massage specialist joined the team to cope with the increasing demand, and we extend our programs to include a comprehensive pregnancy support.

In 2011, with the retirement of Dr Lindquist, the Fertility and IVF Support Centre relocated to the Claremont Medical Centre, and by 2017 we have helped nearly one thousand WA couples in their journey to establish a family.

Our Fundamentals

1 Specialist centre.

We researched ancient texts, and put clinical trials under scrutiny to identify the most effective acupuncture diagnostics and treatment principles and fine tune them to individual circumstances. Our high priority booking system, and our proximity to the fertility centres, enable us to provide specialised acupuncture treatments immediately before and after embryo transfer with a primary focus on embryo implantation.

2 Acupuncture fertility specialists.

We are fully qualified and accredited practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of not only the acupuncture but also the medical, pharmacological aspects of fertility and IVF. By combining traditional acupuncture principles with modern science, we are able to provide acupuncture treatments which closely follow the female reproductive cycle, and complement hormonal therapies and medical procedures.

3 Over 20 years of clinical practice and an abundance of life experience.

Alongside the most effective acupuncture treatment procedures, we help you through the journey so that the inevitable emotional burden of fertility procedures will not hinder your chances to succeed. We know exactly what you go through. We will maximize your chances, and empower you with realistic expectations without the unnecessary strain of a hollow “trying to be positive”.

4 Cost Savings.

The cost of our acupuncture treatments is only a fraction of the cost of fertility procedures which are again minuscule to the cost of raising a family. By maximizing your chances of success, we will reduce the number of attempts you may need. Therefore, our treatment programs eventually result in an overall cost savings to you. Further, we are providers to all major private health funds which may cover some of the cost of our treatments.